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Influencer marketing is one of the most exciting, fast-paced industries in the world - but it's also a tricky space to navigate. Increasing regulation also means understanding the dos and don'ts of creating commercial content for influencer channels is more crucial than ever.

At CORQ - an influencer intelligence and digital trend forecasting service - we believe in giving our clients the tools they need to excel and feel confident in their digital strategies. And our most popular course? This one! 

Understanding the Advertising Standards Authority's guidelines is paramount when it comes to brand safety, and in this hour-long session our founder Sara McCorquodale breaks them down and explains everything.

Through bitesize lessons and a quiz to consolidate your knowledge, this course is a shortcut to ASA expertise. SIGN UP HERE.

What's in this masterclass?

An hour-long interactive seminar detailing everything you need to know.

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    Before we get started...

    • Meet Your Tutor, Sara McCorquodale - CEO and founder of CORQ

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    The Masterclass

    • Where did the guidelines come from?

    • What constitutes as "payment" when working with influencers?

    • How should influencers label content which is part of a paid promotion?

    • Case study 1: Luke Mabbott X Boohoo Man

    • Case study 2: Cinzia Baylis Zullo X Tanologist

    • Case study 3: Zoe Sugg X ASOS

    • What happens if the ASA receives a complaint about my influencer partnership?

    • Key takeaways from this masterclass

    • The great ASA influencer guidelines quiz

    • Notes from the masterclass

The influencer industry, explained

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